1. The Law of accessories.
2. The law of hierarchy.
3. The law of balance between give and take.

If these laws are violated in family system, the person has a lot of problems (for example can not get marry or have divorced and doesn't understand why.)
Improve your relationship with women and understand more about it. This will help you understand what you can prevent, create a stable relationship, a family. This method is called – placement. 

Professional  psychologist with more 15 years of an experience in the office in the center of Kiev will hold this event. Friendly atmosphere is there. It will be team events and interpreter will help you. 

It is take about 1, 1.5 h and it gives a great effect always.example:The American man met with more than 10 women without result. After the event (a few days) he met the lady from our agency.His real review:"I have a visa for Lena. She is coming on 22 of March. I got flight tickets. I am very excited. Lena is the perfect lady for me. We have lots in common and we really like each other."(2015)

Another examples:
A man from Canada has solid age and start relation with lady from our agency and feel happy.(2016)Man from Australia also meet nice women in few month after constellations (2016)All man who use this who used this technique began to build a much more successful relation with women.All the men who carried out this technique- have improved greatly  relations with women.

Порядки любви
Законов / Порядков любви три:
1. Закон принадлежности.
2. Закон иерархии.
3. Закон баланса между брать и давать.